China Blocking Internet Access During Olympics

Hey, China why don’t you make it easy for yourself, instead of blocking internet access during the Beijing Olympics, just let the journalists have access to Cuil. Problem solved !

Cuil is Crap

Yippee, new search engine. Yippee, finally we will get what we really from seacrh engines. Ex Googler’s can’t be bad. Well. Cuil is the biggest disappointment since Bush won the election because of CHADS. I, like every other sucker on the planet went onto the search engine for a sticky beak. What did I find, CRAP. Yes, I of course searched for my websites in ” ” and got jack. In fact the ones I did find had my local newspaper logo on them instead of mine. So curiosity got the better of me and I searched one of most successful keyword terms and I got a whole lot of irrelevant websites with my friggin photos on it (I knew this because it has my logo all over it). So not only DON’T I get acknowledgement on this engine but they are using my images to promote other websites. Hmmmmmmmmm not impressed. I should have known anyone who can’t spell cool, sucks!

Having a Cappuccino with Condie.

Condoleezza Rice in PerthCondoleezza Rice having a cappuccino in the burbs sounds as absurd as a Bon Scott statue in a fish ‘n’ chips shop doesn’t it ? Well, Perth can claim these two phenomenas. In the past week I have been pinching myself wondering what is going on here. Firstly, I discover that the much anticipated bronze of Bon is hiding in a corner of a popular fish restaurant, because of Fremantle Council issues. Then, much to my suspicion, Condoleezza Rice makes a brief visit to Perth. AND whats-more she has a coffee at my local cafe in the suburbs of Perth, Mt Lawley, (with her billion strong Secret Security entourage). It was so absurd I decided to brave the crowds, which never eventuated (obviously no one believed she was here either!), to catch a glimpse of the second most powerful person in America in little ol’ Perth. My best bet was Kings Park for the wreath laying ceremony. As I zoomed off, would you believe I actually passed her in the coffee shop. Amusing myself amongst the secret servicemen for over an hour, Condoleezza Rice eventually emerged from her bullet proof limo in stiletto’s (you go girl). After the usual fanfare she jumped into her limo and was gone. Imagine a world where you can have a Cappuccino with Condie and a beer with Bon! For more on the Condie visit in Perth click here… Guess Who Came To Dinner ?

The Problems With Public Art

For many, many years I have been fascinated about public art. I have collected numerous photos ogo27tdig.giff statues, sculptures and monuments from around the globe. Why? I have know idea. Maybe, because it is a good reflection of the town or city’s history. Surely if you are going to erect a statue or sculpture, there must be some great reason behind it. Well, you would think so. But the more I researched, the more I began to realize that isn’t always the case. In fact there are dubious statues of dubious public figures scattered throughout the world, horrendous statues and sculptures that the public simply abhor and public art that makes absolutely no sense. So what does one do with all this knowledge ? Well, if it was me, I would be creating a website to dish the dirt on Public Art . So here it is a website where you will find all the gossip, scandals and controversies surrounding public art… public art around the world .

Kormoran Found, Are We Sure ?

After continually having to retract my stories about HMAS Sydney being found, I am hoping that the discovery of the German Raider the HSK Kormoran is true. The remains of the enemy raider were found on the ocean bed at Shark Bay (14th March, 2008), by the Finding Sydney Foundation search team. For over 65 years the where abouts of the HMAS Sydney and the HSK Kormoran have been unknown, sparking rumours and speculation about that fateful clash off the coast of Western Australian on the 19th of November, 1941.

Two pieces of the raider’s hull were found lying in 2,560 m of water, approximately 112 nautical miles off Steep Point, Shark Bay. From this finding, the team believe they have been able to pinpoint the exact location of the actual battle. Fingers crossed it wont be long before they solve one of Australia’s greatest maritime mysteries, the location of the HMAS Sydney.

Paul Omodei Jr Aussie Spitting King

It is official Paul Omodei Jr from Manjimup has just won the GlobeVista Australasian Cherry Pip Spitting Competition in Cromwell New ZealandPaul Omodei Jr . Last year Paul won the rights to fly to Cromwell to represent Manjimup in the cherry pip spitting competition. He beat the Kiwi’s with a spit just under 12m to claim the title. Last year young Michael Robertson from New Zealand flew to Manjimup, complements of GlobeVista, to defend the Australasian title. Unfortunately he couldn’t beat Paul for the title this year , but did win the New Zealand challenge to win himself another trip to Manjimup for weekends ( 8th of December) spit off to regain some pride for the Kiwis. But he will have to be at his spitting best because this year Mark Vitler, from Mt Barker, spat 12.1 metres and he wants a trip to the land of the long white cloud. The competition is open to young and old so if you think you can spit a pip further than 12m head to Manjimup on Saturday and try your luck.

What Women Don’t Know !

Here is a scary thought for all you women out there living in the generation Y world. According to the Scrooge Approach blog, over 80% of generation Y women are planning to live off their partner the moment they hit 50. If that is one of YOU, here is something to think about, 73% of Generation Y men are also planning to do the same. So tread lightly dear girlfriends, before you become a Generation Y victim.

Busy, Busy in the Web 2.0 World

I knew eventually it would have to happen, I had to step across into the Web 2.0 world. Long before the MySpaces and the Youtubes morphed into my world, I reluctantly gave my email address, name and small bio details to chatrooms and messenger sites all over the net, only to never return. I just didn’t get the point of communicating with people I didn’t know when I could hardly communicate with the ones I did know ! But at least I could say I tried. So you could imagine my horror when the myspace and youtube sites appeared. Off I went again registering away on sites I had nothing to say or do on, more blank pages . It’s true, I even have a second life character that has remained stationary ever since I created her. Who knows how many sites I am registered on, ten computers later my passwords and login details are long gone and hopefully buried in a landfill. I come from a traditional media background , where we can hide behind camera lenses and not alter egos. My main bone of contention was that my name was associated with everything I said and did on the net. I hate the fact I can be traced. You really can’t be anonymous on the net, unless of course you run a Russian porn site (but that’s a whole other story). So I merrily went on my way building web 1 authority sites. But , soon new and improved web 2.0 started to surface, Squidoo, Digg It, Stumble Upon, sites that didn’t take forever to master or need masses amounts of content to be recognized. OOOH things were a changin, I was a changin. The web world was no longer passive, now I was interacting under such great names as Friggin Loon and the Grassy Mole and talking about things I was interested in, even if nobody else was.So what is the point of all of this? The point is if you have taken the time to read this far you can take a little more time and check out my new web 2.0 sites.

Public Art Around the World Blog

Ugliest Public Art Ever

Ed Dale Guru

Cherry Pip Spitting

Cherry Pip SpittingCherry Pip SpittingCherry Pip Spitting ChampionManjimup Cherry Festival

Yes it is back, the Manjimup Cherry Pip Spitting Competition for 2007. It will all be happening on the 11th of December in the South West town of Manjimup in Western Australia. The politicians and locals will be puckering up for a chance to represent Manjimup in the Australasian Cherry Pip Spitting Competition. Yes, thats right folks there is an Australasian comp and the lucky winner gets to fly to the next spitting festival. Last years winner, Paul Omodei, should be just about packing his bags for Cromwell, New Zealand to represent Manjimup.

Manjimup Cherry Harmony Festival 2007

It is that time of the year again, cherry festival season. Manjimup, in Western Australia, is currently getting ready for its famous Cherry Harmony Festival. Our company, GlobeVista, sponsors the cherry pip spitting competition each year and we send the winner to Cromwell in New Zealand to represent Manjimup in the Australasian Cherry Pip Spitting Competition. If you happen to be in Western Australia in December head on down to Manjimup, you may just find yourself flying to New Zealand.

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