The Art of Pip Spitting

You may not be aware but one of the many things that our company, GlobeVista, are actively involved in is spitting. We are the proud sponsors of the Harmony Festival Cherry Pip Spitting competition. This is an annual event which happens in Manjimup in Western Australia’s beautiful South -West during the summer season. This is the first year we are sponsoring the event and many great pip spitters are flying in from around Australia and even New Zealand.

Already Aidan, Simon and myself have been practicing the ancient art of spitting (to little or no avail). So far we have barely spat the required 93 feet ,6 1/2 inches to steal the Guiness Book of Records from the clutches of American Brian “Young Gun” Krause (current champion cherry pit spitter). In fact we are having difficulty just getting the pip to leave our mouths. Simon has been practising with a peach stone hoping it will give him an advantage, Aidan has been experimenting with the discus type approach and I have been trying the long run up. So far none of us have any great success, though Simon did break a window and chipped a tooth!
The Harmony Festival attracts over 5,000 visitors to the town of Manjimup each year and this year promises to be bigger and better. The spitting competition is open to anyone who can or thinks they can spit. As an added bonus the New Zealand spitting winner will be flying in to compete with the locals. We are organising a team of spitters and are hoping other spitters will follow suit. If you would like to know more about the event contact Jon Doust.

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