Paul Omodei Jr Aussie Spitting King

It is official Paul Omodei Jr from Manjimup has just won the GlobeVista Australasian Cherry Pip Spitting Competition in Cromwell New ZealandPaul Omodei Jr . Last year Paul won the rights to fly to Cromwell to represent Manjimup in the cherry pip spitting competition. He beat the Kiwi’s with a spit just under 12m to claim the title. Last year young Michael Robertson from New Zealand flew to Manjimup, complements of GlobeVista, to defend the Australasian title. Unfortunately he couldn’t beat Paul for the title this year , but did win the New Zealand challenge to win himself another trip to Manjimup for weekends ( 8th of December) spit off to regain some pride for the Kiwis. But he will have to be at his spitting best because this year Mark Vitler, from Mt Barker, spat 12.1 metres and he wants a trip to the land of the long white cloud. The competition is open to young and old so if you think you can spit a pip further than 12m head to Manjimup on Saturday and try your luck.

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