Kormoran Found, Are We Sure ?

After continually having to retract my stories about HMAS Sydney being found, I am hoping that the discovery of the German Raider the HSK Kormoran is true. The remains of the enemy raider were found on the ocean bed at Shark Bay (14th March, 2008), by the Finding Sydney Foundation search team. For over 65 years the where abouts of the HMAS Sydney and the HSK Kormoran have been unknown, sparking rumours and speculation about that fateful clash off the coast of Western Australian on the 19th of November, 1941.

Two pieces of the raider’s hull were found lying in 2,560 m of water, approximately 112 nautical miles off Steep Point, Shark Bay. From this finding, the team believe they have been able to pinpoint the exact location of the actual battle. Fingers crossed it wont be long before they solve one of Australia’s greatest maritime mysteries, the location of the HMAS Sydney.

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