The Problems With Public Art

For many, many years I have been fascinated about public art. I have collected numerous photos ogo27tdig.giff statues, sculptures and monuments from around the globe. Why? I have know idea. Maybe, because it is a good reflection of the town or city’s history. Surely if you are going to erect a statue or sculpture, there must be some great reason behind it. Well, you would think so. But the more I researched, the more I began to realize that isn’t always the case. In fact there are dubious statues of dubious public figures scattered throughout the world, horrendous statues and sculptures that the public simply abhor and public art that makes absolutely no sense. So what does one do with all this knowledge ? Well, if it was me, I would be creating a website to dish the dirt on Public Art . So here it is a website where you will find all the gossip, scandals and controversies surrounding public art… public art around the world .

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