Having a Cappuccino with Condie.

Condoleezza Rice in PerthCondoleezza Rice having a cappuccino in the burbs sounds as absurd as a Bon Scott statue in a fish ‘n’ chips shop doesn’t it ? Well, Perth can claim these two phenomenas. In the past week I have been pinching myself wondering what is going on here. Firstly, I discover that the much anticipated bronze of Bon is hiding in a corner of a popular fish restaurant, because of Fremantle Council issues. Then, much to my suspicion, Condoleezza Rice makes a brief visit to Perth. AND whats-more she has a coffee at my local cafe in the suburbs of Perth, Mt Lawley, (with her billion strong Secret Security entourage). It was so absurd I decided to brave the crowds, which never eventuated (obviously no one believed she was here either!), to catch a glimpse of the second most powerful person in America in little ol’ Perth. My best bet was Kings Park for the wreath laying ceremony. As I zoomed off, would you believe I actually passed her in the coffee shop. Amusing myself amongst the secret servicemen for over an hour, Condoleezza Rice eventually emerged from her bullet proof limo in stiletto’s (you go girl). After the usual fanfare she jumped into her limo and was gone. Imagine a world where you can have a Cappuccino with Condie and a beer with Bon! For more on the Condie visit in Perth click here… Guess Who Came To Dinner ?

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