Hi and welcome to the Tanya Izzard Blog. Firstly I would like to thank you for finding my blog, which is no mean feat. I have been procrastinating for several weeks on creating my blog, wondering what to say and basically how to make my introduction earth shattering. I gave up and decided just to write whatever came into my head.

I am hoping you found my Blog via one of my websites, which are currently going up and down the search engine rankings. I have become a bit of a search engine ranking junkie, every morning I check and every night I check, nothing ever really changes , but I check.

So who am I ? Well I am in partnership with Aidan Montague and Simon Akkerman and we formed a company called GlobeVista. GlobeVista was originally set up to deliver digital content over the net (we have moved on since then). Today we are not only a digital content provider but we are also building and creating our own websites to facilitate our own needs. It became the age old saying “If you want something done properly, do it yourself “. Aidan and I have been on a steep learning curve ever since. We have basically retrained ourselves in everything IT from building websites that work for us to understanding how to use the best tools available on the market to achieve our goals. Gee, I am sounding like Aidan! You will get to know Aidan and myself a lot better with our different philosophies and dueling blogs. You may even be called upon to cast comment on our differing views.

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