Cuil is Crap

Yippee, new search engine. Yippee, finally we will get what we really from seacrh engines. Ex Googler’s can’t be bad. Well. Cuil is the biggest disappointment since Bush won the election because of CHADS. I, like every other sucker on the planet went onto the search engine for a sticky beak. What did I find, […]

The Problems With Public Art

For many, many years I have been fascinated about public art. I have collected numerous photos of statues, sculptures and monuments from around the globe. Why? I have know idea. Maybe, because it is a good reflection of the town or city’s history. Surely if you are going to erect a statue or sculpture, there […]

Spam Hell

I don’t know if it is just me, but I have had enough of these bloody spammers……Here is a sample of the current list of spammers that continue to ravage my comments section. If you happen to be one of them listed RACK OFF !!! (and learn to SPELL !) PS I have highlighted their […]

Bee Gone

Just a quick update on the missing Honeybees in America, it seems Germany is now facing a similar crisis. Empty hives and not a bee to be seen. It has even been suggested that the German Honeybee could be totally wiped out if the problem isn’t solved. We should be afraid, very afraid ! To […]

Bee Worried

As the world comes to grips with a life without Anna Nicole an important story disappeared under the radar. Honeybees are dying! I guess some people don’t really see the event as being as important as sex, lies and overdoses, but I do. I love food, love my apples, love my cherries, love my honey […]

One Shoe Phenomenon

Have you ever come across a single shoe in your travels? You know somewhere where a shoe shouldn’t be. Like in the middle of the road, in a tree, under a hedge. I come across them all the time. It’s like the “I see dead people” phenomenon, except I see “one shoe”! So what happened? […]