Busy, Busy in the Web 2.0 World

I knew eventually it would have to happen, I had to step across into the Web 2.0 world. Long before the MySpaces and the Youtubes morphed into my world, I reluctantly gave my email address, name and small bio details to chatrooms and messenger sites all over the net, only to never return. I just […]

HMAS Sydney Found At Last

Okay, I know most people don’t know anything about the HMAS Sydney II unless they live in Australia or in particular Western Australia, but this truly is an historical event in maritime circles. It has been considered one of the greatest maritime mysteries in Australian history and has haunted the families of the 645 souls […]

The Art of Pip Spitting

You may not be aware but one of the many things that our company, GlobeVista, are actively involved in is spitting. We are the proud sponsors of the Harmony Festival Cherry Pip Spitting competition. This is an annual event which happens in Manjimup in Western Australia’s beautiful South -West during the summer season. This is […]

Mud Angels

This year will be the 40th anniversary of the Mud Angels of Florence. What are “Mud Angels” you may ask? Well they aren’t what but who. On the 3rd of November 1966, Florence experienced the unthinkable. After two days of heavy rain the banks of the Arno River burst sending torrents of water through the […]